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Water Now is a 100% Bermudian company established in 2009 to meet Bermuda’s growing need for efficient water distribution, and care of our unique water catchment and storage systems.

Although a new entrant to an old business, Water Now has continued to push the industry forward. Our utilization of mobile, wireless, and internet technology, with the convenience it offers to our customers is second to none. And our trucks…are innovative in their construction and have a few tricks up their sleeve. But we’re not done yet…

After not even a year in business we upgraded to our custom built, double size Mack tanker truck, ‘The Green Machine’. This upgrade greatly improved our capacity and efficiently for our customers. In 2011 we added the second green Mack Tanker to the fleet, doubling our capacity yet again.

Before there was a Water Now, there was a simple concept; our mission statement:

“To be Bermuda’s first choice for efficient water delivery; priding ourselves in unparalleled and reliable customer service, effective use of technology, and a reputation for honest and integrity.”

In seeing this mission through, we strive to make things easier for our customers – whether allowing online order and payment– day or night, to save a customer from having to go to an ATM (we take debit/credit cards wirelessly at the truck, or online), or getting water to you regardless of time of day, night, or time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you deliver late nights, weekends, and holidays?

A: Sure do, 365 days a year. During times of drought and high demand we run well into the night, at times 24 hours.

 Are you sure you can get that double size tanker into our driveway?

A: You might be surprised, and with the amount of hose carried we may not have to! Here we are pictured reversing up narrow Old Maid’s Lane to access Aunt Nea’s Inn, St. George. Although we among the largest tanker trucks on the road, with our short/narrow wheelbase and carrying 600+ feet of hose we pride ourselves in taking on even the most challenging of jobs that others won’t.

Q: Do you deliver to the east end?

A: We like St. George’s/St. David’s, and our customers get first class service no matter where they live. FYI – Whenever possible we try to book all East end deliveries for Tuesday/Thursday. Here we’re delivering through the narrow cart pathway leading to Printer’s Alley of historic St. George…acessing from the back via Turkey hill and circa 225 feet of hose. If you are an existing Water Now East end customer – we will take care of you, regardless of drought, or how far we have to haul the water. Few companies can make such a statement.