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Anyone can move water. Our goal is to provide you unparalleled customer service for any water related need you may have. Let us know how we can help.

Some of our services include:

Water Delivery & Transfers – Island Wide, Nights, Weekends & Holidays, No Problem.

St. George, Somerset – we do it all. Our custom Mack tanker trucks were built with the primary objective of being able to efficiently reach out to the far ends of the island, particularly in times of drought.

While we try and encourage our clients to use a pre-scheduled (but flexible) standing order program, if you’re out of water at night, or on a holiday, make Water Now your first call – we’ll get you covered with the service you have come to expect.

Discounted standing orders, Residential and Commercial

Never run out of water again! Many of our customer’s choose a standing order program – some year round, some primarily in the dry months.

By scheduling on a flexible (see below) calendar basis you are ensured your delivery regardless of how busy us truckers may be – you never have to be on a waiting list again, no matter where you live. And because it allows us the ability to plan more efficiently, we pass those savings on to you in the form of a standing order discount.

  • We take the hassle out of ordering for landlords and busy professionals. A phone call or an email (your choice) will let you know your order has been complete.
  • By flexible, we mean just that. If for example there has been heavy rainfall, we are going to check in with you ahead of time and postpone your order if need be. We will not overfill your tank.
  • Many customers choose convenient online billing/payment.
  • For larger commercial buildings, some with multiple tanks we offer the free service of regular inspection, reporting, and filling if necessary.

Please call or use the contact form to discuss your unique requirements.

Pool Filling and Draining

Don’t burn out your household water pump by running it for a day or more! Or drain your drinking water! We can deliver you clear, clean water that has already been lightly chlorinated to drinking water standards. And given that pools generally need a few loads, we can probably discount the delivery for you.

From inflatable kiddy pools to 30,000 gallon monsters – want to be back in your pool today, give us a call.

Tank Cleaning, Sanitization and Repairs – Our Specialty

Our Team Cleaning Tanks

Our team of tank cleaning experts have the know how and equipment to get the job done right. Whether its a simple cleaning, sanitizing or a long term repair – we have the know how and equipment to get the job done right. For a basic tank cleaning we will start in the morning after everyone has showered, and by the time you are home from work your tank will be cleaned/sanitized, with a few loads of clear, clean water delivered. Convenient, affordable, Water Now.

Did you know the Bermuda Health Department recommends tanks be cleaned at least every 5 years, and by law it must be done every 6?

We do not use buckets and brooms to clean a tank! Once the tank is drained with a special ‘trash pump’, remaining debris are removed with a vacuum that can also suction water. There is no better way to ensure all foreign material is removed. Light power-washing may be used in some cases.

We do not use cement wash in our tank repairs. This is not the best way to guarantee a long lasting non-porous seal. We recommend the use of modern sealing products formulated for potable water including Thoroseal and Xypex.

We do not play guessing games with a spot repair when a leak has been confirmed. All too often if a tank has one leak, there may well be another not easily apparent to the eye – repairing one area only and hoping for the best is not our way. Some will suggest tossing in ping pong balls or reading tea laves. We have a more effective procedure providing long term peace of mind: repair all known leaks, and then seal coat (not cement wash!) the entire tank to be sure. Problem solved, job well done.

WE DO warranty our work.
WE DO believe in water testing. See below.

Most tank jobs of a small-medium size tend to range from about $400-$650. Repairs have to be looked at on a case by case basis.

Give us a call at 504-5555, or use the contact form to set up an appointment for a free inspection and estimate.

Water Testing & Solutions to common Water/Tank Issues

Here is a FREE printable PDF with solutions to common water/tank contamination issues

Even some tanks that appear relatively clean have been found to have unsafe concentrations of nasties including bacteria, sulphur, and animal feces. Treatments include tank cleaning and sterilizing, aeration, and in some cases mild chlorination (ie for bacteria). We recommend annual testing, minimum. It’s cheap insurance for you and/or your tenant’s health. Special attention should be paid for households with newborns, elderly, or those with compromised immune systems – and even more so for ie expats those who’s guts may not be ‘acclimated’ to the contents of tank water that may not bother others.

Be advised – Bermuda Health department recommends tanks be cleaned at least every 5 years, and it’s mandated by law every 6!

Special Projects

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