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This is to confirm we have received your order with a -requested- delivery date

JUNE 15th Update: Thanks to some rain in our island home, and water depots producing more water we are catching up on backorders – and will soon be back to a regular swing. The below 6/1 update is left for reference only, and will soon be deleted. Please see other important notices and conditions below.


***JUNE 1ST 2017 Update – due to severe island water shortages, unpredictable quantities and hours of availability, and the most demand we have ever seen – water truckers island wide are experiencing delays and waiting lists – that includes us. At this time, be prepared that your request will almost certainly be delayed. Please conserve the water you have – and plan ahead going forward with regular tank checks.

**Given the unpredictability of the water availability at this time, we CAN NOT guarantee a day, nor get back to everyone individually each time there is a delay and eta is revised. We update the web site and facebook regularly with the status:

Phone calls and emails will NOT expedite your order in the que. With literally dozens of phone calls and emails daily – doing so only slows down the process of working through the backlog, and working down the list to you. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time – and if you do wish to cancel, we completely understand – please reply to the email confirmation you received.


* If your tank is inside and there is no way to access it from outside (e.g. an overflow pipe) please ensure that you are available on your phone to coordinate.

** PLEASE NOTE – by placing an order online, you have formally requested a delivery service, and as such even if COD, we will attempt to make the delivery; subject client instructions. Any cancellations must be made prior to this – it is your responsibility to do so. If you need to cancel your order, please reply to this e-mail -prior- to truck being dispatched, or on site. Cancellations after this will result in a cancellation fee to cover costs, and full fee due after delivery has been made. Thank you.